Exterior Lighting I Home Security & Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights can be installed to add extra security to your home as well as highlight special features of such as your garden or driveway. Electricaire will design, supply and install the outdoor lighting system of your choice. Popular options are:

Floodlights & Security lights
Keep you and your family safe by illuminating dark areas around your home. Security lights work by using a motion sensor which activates when someone approaches your home the sensor activates the lights acting as a deterrent to an intruder or make the area more visible for you, your family and visitors.

Porch lights
Welcome guests to your home with warm and stylish porch lighting. Make your home more inviting while increasing security at the same time.

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Outdoor Lighting

Driveway Lights
Stylish and practical, LED or fluorescent drive lights will give a warm light to your driveway whilst lighting the edges of your drive for safety.

Soffit lights
Make your home look extra special with carefully situated soffit lighting to highlight special architectural features, such as large windows or patio doors.

Garden and pond lighting
Show off all the hard work and effort you’ve put into the garden by utilising stake lighting or garden spots to highlight the special features of your garden.

Outdoor wall lights
Brighten up an outdoor dining or BBQ area for those late summer parties or create a romantic feel for alfresco dining. Our selection of outdoor wall lights are both practical and stylish.

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